Choir Boy 

President of his high school class, star cyclist, bank robber.

Fermi’s Pile

In 1942 Enrico Fermi and a team of physicists at the University of Chicago built the first nuclear reactor in a squash court under the South Side university’s football field. I produced this piece for WBEZ’s Curious City. Read the accompanying article here.

Rainbow Squared

For better or worse, I will always associate the rainbow (especially the double rainbow) with Paul Vasquez. From Re:sound #173, The Colors Show.


I never imagined what I was getting myself into when I met this little dog. Produced for Re:sound. *Note: Frankie retired with my parents in Colorado where he enjoyed wall to wall carpeting and endless love from my mother, he died in 2008.

A Cold Freezin’ Night: The Enigmatic Man

Was it just a dream? I can’t remember now. This story was produced for the Third Coast International Audio Festival’s Short Doc Challenge in 2010.

The Dead Can’t Do You Nothin’

A quest for ghosts in a New Orleans pauper’s graveyard. Produced at the Center for Documentary Studies, in Durham, NC. It won me the award of Best New Artist in 2007 from the Third Coast International Audio Festival.


A story of love unrequited. Originally aired on Re:Sound.

Portrait of a Psychic as a Young Man

Nathan Dyer is just like any other teenage kid, except, for a fee, he’ll tell you what your future holds. Produced at the Salt Institute for Documentary Studies. Photo by Morrigan McCarthy and taken from the Salt Archives.